Then he waited for his fate. He's since been hailed as the David Beckham of the Fifties, presenting pop show Six-Five Special - before going on to open his own club, Freddies Nitespot on Charing Cross Road, Soho. THIS is a tale that I have waited more than 50 years to tell, obstructed for so long by legal impediments. Soho in the mid 60s was far from the sophisticated playground of expensive restaurants and trendy members clubs of today. He is from England. Besides being a much a loved family man to his young daughters and stepson Mills was a unique character in the world of boxing. He was named in Ring magazine 's list of the 80 Best Fighters of the Last 80 Years. 'They offered to sort things out on his behalf, but Mills was insistent that he needed the weapon himself.'. News of Mills mysterious death shocked the nation. In 1986 ex Newcastle boxer Freddie Mills was widely regarded as the main man of Durham prison. 'I cant really remember as a child him without the camera in his hand' recalls Amanda. He was not a quitter. The Mafia ordered it and Reggie pulled the trigger. Mills invited some of Londons top acts to perform on the opening night and the glitzy occasion also included characters from the world of crime, such as the Kray brothers. While an inquest into his death ruled he'd committed suicide, his friends and family have never believed it was that straightforward, and rumours about him being murderer Jack The Stripper - who killed six women and threw their naked bodies into the Thames - have never gone away. Sitter in 2 portraits Explore the portrait of Freddie Mills by Geoffrey Davien (NPG D2728) from all angles. [CDATA[// >14648 sylvan st, van nuys, ca 91411,